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Buttock lifts & enhancements

Aging, genetics or weight loss can leave you with excess buttock and thigh skin. A buttock lift, also called a lipectomy, is a procedure to remove excess skin, and to lift and tighten remaining skin over the buttocks. It involves incisions at or just below the waist. This procedure is often performed alongside other body lift procedures. 

A buttock lift can give you a more toned, firm appearance, but it cannot add volume to your existing buttocks. However, buttock enhancement procedures can reshape or enlarge your buttocks. These procedures can involve relocating fat taken from elsewhere on your body or using implants to achieve your desired size and shape.

While results of a buttock lift are apparent fairly quickly, it can take longer to see the final results of a buttock enhancement procedure. Bandages can reduce swelling after these procedures, and it might be necessary to limit physical activity for a time during your recovery.

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