Reconstructive Procedures

Treatment for cancer or other illnesses can result in scars that serve as reminders of painful times. Traumas can alter the body's appearance in an instant. Reconstructive surgery is a powerful tool for revising or lessening scars and restoring an appearance closer to that before surgery or trauma.

Phillip D. Khan, MD, has extensive training in reconstructive surgery. He understands the importance of these procedures not just for the physical relief they can provide, but for the self-confidence they can restore.

Reconstruction after mastectomy

If you have had surgery as part of a breast cancer treatment plan, breast reconstruction can recreate the size and shape of your natural breast, and can restore your figure and your self-confidence. Click here to learn more about breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Skin cancer reconstruction

Skin cancer and skin cancer treatments can result in scars or disfigurements, but reconstructive surgery can restore the skin's appearance while also removing cancerous cells.

The surgical methods used will depend on the location of the skin cancer. Once cancerous cells are removed, skin flaps made from nearby healthy skin can often help to repair the excision site. In other cases, skin grafts from other parts of the body are used to take the place of removed skin. Whatever method is chosen, every effort is made to keep scarring to a minimum. While scarring cannot be completed eliminated, reconstructive surgery can greatly lessen the appearance of scars from skin cancer surgery.

Scar revision or reconstruction after trauma

Whether an accident or surgery has left you with a scar or disfigurement, Novant Health Coastal Plastic Surgery is here to help you. We will work to repair damage and restore as natural a look as possible. There is no need to accept an unsightly scar or a disfigurement that affects your self-esteem as your only option. A scar revision or reconstruction procedure can both repair physical damage and restore your self-confidence.

Care for complex lacerations

Lacerations and other traumas can quickly alter the body's appearance. Dr. Khan has years of training and experience in completing reconstructive procedures after lacerations and other traumas. He employs the most sophisticated and advanced techniques available to return your appearance to as close to normal and natural as possible.

If you have suffered a trauma or a concerned about scarring after a surgery, Dr. Khan and Novant Health Coastal Plastic Surgery are here to help. Call 910-754-8808 to schedule a consultation. Restoring your appearance and your self-confidence starts with that call.